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A sample of posters from Lucky's workshops

Lucky African Dance offers tuition in a number of different dance styles for one-off workshops and performances or regular classes.

Lucky’s dance classes and workshops are dynamic and original and are designed to make you dance with feeling and have fun! Lucky’s classes and workshops provide the opportunity to extend your knowledge of African dance and Afro contemporary and fusion choreography. Classes work your body out, stretch you and help you build stamina, resilience and developing body awareness.

Lucky African Dance offers students the opportunity to experience and learn about African culture. As part of Lucky’s classes you also have the chance to learn the songs and meaning of the dances.

Lucky African Dance offers a number of different types of dances suitable students at all levels of experience (beginners, intermediate and advanced).

Lucky also offers private tuition to students who want to improve upon their style and knowledge of African and Afro contemporary dance. Private sessions give you the chance to improve your skills in particular dance movements, to learn specific African dances and or to catch up when you missed a class.


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Lucky African Dance delivers workshops and classes in schools.
Lucky African Dance offers students a range of unique opportunities to experience African dance. Workshops and classes can be offered as one-off activities or weekly for the length of the school term. They can be designed for dance and performing arts students or for students who have little or no dance experience but who just want to have some fun and do something a little different.

Lucky African Dance can also offer performances in schools for special events such as Harmony Day and other celebrations.

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Tailored workshops for school students include:

Traditional African
Dance Workshop

Lucky African Dance offers school students the opportunity to experience and learn about African culture. As part of this workshop students will have the chance to learn the songs and meaning of the dances. African dance is an excellent approach to fitness and health. This workshop can be delivered using live percussion or pre-recorded music. The length of the workshop varies depending on the student’s requirements.

Afro-contemporary Dance Workshop
Afro-contemporary is the fusion between contemporary and African dance, including a combination of freestyle, acrobalance and modern dance. It draws on African Traditional Dance for inspiration while using contemporary dance techniques to helps build stamina and resilience and develop body awareness. Afro-contemporary uses a variety of different music for the dance including live percussion and popular music. It can be offered to performing arts and dance students as part of the curriculum.
Gumboot Dancing
from South Africa

Gumboot dancing was conceived by black miners in South Africa as an alternative to drumming which authorities restricted. The sound from the boot was used a code to communicate to another person a distance away. The dance is very energetic and involves clapping, stamping on the ground and tapping the boot to make different sounds. It is a great dance to introduce into a performance night or into other school activities.

Afro Aerobics Classes
Spice up your sports activities with Afro Aerobics. Afro Aerobics is a fun and a great workout for students who are more interested in exploring African dance through exercise. Classes work your body out, stretch you and assist you in building your stamina, resilience and developing body awareness. Classes can be offered as an activity on a weekly basis for the length of the school term or can be offered as a one off.

Drumming and dancing combinations
For students who may want to try both drum and dance, Lucky African Dance can provide workshops that combine both of the these activities.


be inspired
Lucky is one of Australia’s most dynamic West African performers and is well known for his versatile and high energy dance style. Lucky hit Australia dancing in March 2011 and has been wowing audiences and inspiring dance students ever since with his traditional West African Dance, Afro-Contemporary and fusion choreography.
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Lucky is an accomplished and experienced African dancer in Ghana and Australia and has more than 15 years of training in Traditional African dance, Afro Contemporary and Salsa. Lucky has performed with countless African dance and music groups from Ghana and other African countries and is an experienced choreographer having created a number of contemporary African dance routines for Ghanaian dance ensembles including the Salaka Ensemble, Susuma and Riclils Entertainment.

Lucky’s knowledge of dance includes dance routines from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa and other parts of Africa.

Lucky teaches and performs around Sydney and Australia and has taught people of all ages and abilities to dance with feeling and connect to the beauty and spirit of African dance. Lucky’s ambition is to perform, teach and choreograph African traditional and contemporary African dance in Australia and to bring people together to create understanding across all cultures by sharing the beauty and natural power of African music and dance.

Lucky founded Lucky African Dance in May 2011 and has been teaching, performing and choreographing.